Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Latest Wreath

Over the years I've made lots and lots of wreaths using pheasant feathers. I've made a few Christmas wreaths, a Halloween wreath, and dried floral wreaths. This little baby is a combination of EVERYTHING. I had a twig wreath form hanging around that wasn't a size I normally use and the other day I just started gluing things on. I'm not sure yet if I'm finished with it, but it's hanging on the wall as is for now.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Never Throw Things Away

My family accuses me of being a pac-rat. Well, ok, I admit it. I am. I'm ok with that. And if I weren't I could never create wonderful things that make them go Wow!

Five years ago or so, my mom decided she wanted some floral swags for her livingroom. So, we went and bought flowers and vines and I made her a pair of gorgeous swags. Last fall she finally got tired of them and thought I might want them (because I'm a pac rat). They were still in perfectly good condition. I threw them on the floor board of my (seldom driven) pickup for lack of anywhere better to store them.

Yesterday I stop in at mom and dad's for a visit and find a pair of mom's old boots setting on the porch. Dad told me to take them home and throw them away. Mom can't wear them anymore but she's very attached to them.

So, here's what I've done with Mom's boots, swags, and some roses left over from my daughter's wedding several years ago. They will go on either side of the folks' fireplace. I need to take out the pinkish flowers and add in yellow to tie into the print over their fireplace, but until I get to town next week, this is how they look.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Baby Afgan

I inherited a lot of worsted weight yarn from my husband's grandmother. Mostly there are one or two skiens of a color, so I've been trying to put together nice color combinations of these yarns. I think this one turned out well.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Orange Creme Delight

Contrary to what is says over in the "about me" column, this blog is not about the prairie or gardening or anything related. This is the place where my imagination and creativity can run amok and my husband and children don't have to listen to me say, "wanna see what I did?" This is my place to remind myself that I'm clever and creative and share it with some folks who might actually think so too.

That said, here's yesterday's project. Orange creme cupcakes. Actually they're a new recipe I tried for white cake and frosted with a lightly flavored delicious orange buttercream frosting. The photography, well, I enjoy taking pictures and I'm slowly getting better at it. I have a lot of fun, but not always spectacular pictures.