Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trash Picker

Last week you met Our Lady of Perpetual Stench. This week let me introduce you to the Trash Picker, aka Flash the Wonder Dog. The mutt is at this moment whining and pouting because he cannot go outside because it's trash day. He and the garbage man have a running fued. When left to his own devices, Flash will tour the town and see what's in everyone's trash. And my trash man is more patient than I am and has been known to pick up behind Flash. I am not so easy going. I was not happy the week before last when Flash brought home someone else's bag of trash and "inspected" it-- all over my front lawn. So, they stay in on trash morning. And oh the whining and crying that is going on this morning! Last time I tried to tie them up, Lady chewed thru the rope and came to find me on the other end of town.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Sweater Post

Seems like I told somebody somewhere that I'd post some more pictures of knitting porjects. I don't remember who that was. So, the rest of you will have to bear with me. This sweater was knitted specifically to be a spring/fall sweater, only I didn't get it done until winter was upon me, so I have not had a chance to wear it with the skirt that it goes with. And even when the weather does warm up a bit and I can wear sweater and skirt together, I can't find shoes to go with the skirt. And then I can't wear the whole outfit and be seen in public with any of my children because they will roll their eyes and say "you're not wearing that???" "Yes, I am wearing that." "You just live to embarass us, don't you?" "Yes, I do."

For those of you who care about such things, the sweater is made of Cream n Sugar cotton yarn. It makes a nice soft sweater, but I don't recommend using this yarn for sweaters because I don't like the way it is wearing. The skirt is cotton sateen. I was too lazy to sew it myself so I had mom sew it for me. Thanks mom.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Lady of Perpetual Stench

I was sitting here at the computer and suddenly thought the end of the world as we know it had come. The supply of available oxygen had finally run out. The vapors swirling around me would surely end all life.

And then I realized.......those "vapors" were emitted by That Dog. Actually, being emitted at fairly regular intervals.

I ask myself, how can something smell that bad and still be alive? What do they put in dog food that creates that kind of stench? What does she eat outdoors (because she is an outdoor dog) that makes such a gaseous cloud?

And all the while she has this expression on
her face that is just the picture of innocence.

Ha! If I knew how to edit and add to photos,
I'd add a big green gas cloud above her. And
notice too that she seems completely content
to lay on my dirty laundry. Just drapes herself
right over it so she doesn't have to lay on that
hideous cold carpet!