Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools!!

How did that old margarine commercial go? You can't fool mother nature.

Maybe we can't fool her, but she can sure fool us.

Three days ago we had a lovely spring day, the grass was greening up, the hyacinths were poking some leaves up out of the soil. Chives were greening up even faster than the grass. And then the forecasted blizzard arrived. We didn't get a lot of snow, not like some places, but here's my front step.

And here is the arbor where on Saturday I had big geraniums sunning themselves.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Winter :(

I want it to be spring!! Now!! I'm not a patient person, this weather is driving me nuts. Here are a couple pictures of the kind of crap we've had lately.

Good grief, some years I've been out planting onions and radishes by now. In fact, I distinctly remember 14 years ago, I had onions and some other cool season things planted out alreay. February had been super nice, I had some of my garden beds dug and had put some seeds in the ground. (Call it that pregnant woman nesting instinct.) Then there came a lot of back to back spring snow storms and the birth of a squalling baby boy. April came, things thawed out and I had a garden up and growing! That ain't happening this year!

This is as close as I am to anything resembling gardening this year!

Nicotiana plants, started way too early, but aren't they a gorgeous sight!!!

A happy little broccoli plant.

Just transplanted into bigger pots, various seedlings under the gro-light.