Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garden Post

It occured to me that it's been awhile since I've done a garden post. We've had some rain that has kept some things growing and rejuvenated a few things that I thought were finished. We've yet to have a killing frost which is really odd for mid-October.

The Autumn Joy sedum looks like it should this time of year. I love this plant. It's so pretty, and it has some fond memories for me. When I was eighteen and away from home living on my own, a country girl living in town, I could look out my bedroom window and the landlady had a flower garden out there. I don't know what all was growing in that garden but I remember the sedum being so beautiful. When I got down and gloomy (or tired of doing homework) I'd stare out the window at that sedum.

Summer squash, this is yellow crookneck, should not be producing fruits in my area at this time of year. They should be frozen dead. But..... this plant did not even start blooming until Labor Day! It just sat and baked and complained about being watered with tap-water all summer until we had some rain. I took this picture maybe a week ago. We've since had just enough cold to kill off the top of this plant.

The cosmos have been just radiant. I really like this "tire-d" flower bed. :) Next year I may grow entirely cosmos in it instead of trying for three different kinds of flowers. These cosmos have survived being stomped to bits by the yellow dog. They've been baked to the point of near extinction, and seem to just keep coming back. Love 'em!

Marigolds. You can't beat marigolds for just blooming on and on despite whatever kind of lousy weather, soil or growing conditions they have. I used to grow a lot more marigolds than I do now. I think I will have to start planting more of them again. They are so easy and so cheerful.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Project #6

Saturday there was no time for projects. I had to work a couple hours in the morning and left directly from work for the city. Why you ask? To be a hair model for a young friend of mine who is a cosmotolegy student extrordinaire.
Sorry I don't have before and after pictures. By the time she was done snipping, it was quitting time and everyone was in a hurry to go. We didn't think to take an after picture. But it really doesn't look much different than it did to start with. She trimmed the ends and gave me some layers. Unless you're really into hair, you don't even notice. She got some experience with long hair and I hope, got an excellent grade.

Project #5


Ok, I've been a little slow getting projects posted on here, but rest assured I have been doing projects steadily. And Friday's was starching a doily I had finished a couple weeks ago. Actually this would be project 5 and 7 because on Sunday I did one more and I'm going to put them both in one post.

I can't even tell you how long ago I started this lavender oval. I found it crammed in a box of non-crochet stuff. I'm thinking I started on it about 3 years ago. Was half done with it. I suppose I set it aside to work on something more interesting. Or it could have gotten set aside for the summer when I'm really not into doing needlework, and then I forgot about it. Anyway, it's finally done.

These doilies and a couple others I have will be going with my mother to some craft shows. Hopefully they will sell, because I sure don't want them laying around my house. I love to make doilies, but I hate having them around. I don't want to dust under or around them. I went to work for a lady on Wednesday who had a doily or dresser scarf or some annoying thing setting on absolutely every single flat surface in her home.

This is a really poor picture of this lovely aqua blue doily. I bought the thread because it goes with the color of my kitchen. But when it comes right down to it, I don't want this in my kitchen. I"ve got sort of a vintage modern theme going on and victorian doilies just look silly in there.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Project #4

Ok, I have to confess, I didn't really do a project yesterday. I went to the doctor and had a suspicious spot taken off my left hand. I'm a lefty, now with stitches in the top of my hand. So I didn't much feel like doing a project when I got home yesterday. And then to top it all off, while I was making supper, I sliced into the first finger on my right hand with the chef's knife. Stupid. I've been cooking for a living for years, been cooking in general since I was nine and then I go pull a stunt like that. So, both hands are sort of sore this morning.

What I am going to post is what I've been working on in the evenings. I've been using up some odds and ends of cotton yarn making dish rags. I'd like to say I'm a generous soul who gives these all to folks who need them. Well, they all go in my towel drawer and get used by me. And I'll admit to being a slob who is not good at laundry and who is allergic to bleach, so my dishrags get trashed pretty fast.

I'm off to a full days work in another town today. May try to get some knitting done during the long boring afternoon hours. I'll see how my hand feels. I want to try a dishcloth knitted on the diagonal.

And tomorrow I will regale you with my story about breakfast with the elders.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project of the Day: Day 3

Glass totem/candle holder. Eventually I hope to have enough of these to have candlelight along the edge of my patio (which is also currently under construction). Base is a casserole dish lid, then a scented candle jar, salad plate, whiskey bottle, candle jar lid, flower vase and lastly the little candle holder on top.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Project a Day: Day 2

Ok folks, here's yesterday's project. I've had these trowels laying around for at least two and a half years now. They were in a box of stuff I bought for $2 at a farm auction. That pretty green check ribbon has been laying around for nearly as long. Got that on a shopping trip with my daughter, specificly to make some autumn decorations. And I always have silk flowers laying around, so I finally got it all put together. Oh, and the cute little mini apple garland came from the thrift store yesterday.

It would be really fun if this wall was as big and blank as it looks in the photo, but it's only about three feet between a window and a door above an old cabinet.

And here's some fun stuff I got at the thrift store yesterday. I don't usually buy silk flowers and such there because they are a little overpriced. Yesterday, I happened to be there when they unlocked the door. Monday's they are closed for restocking and Tuesday at 10 the old ladies stand in line waiting for the door to open. I found out you can find a lot more "good" stuff that way!

I've never had a lot in the way of autumn decorations, so I was happy to find the cute ceramic turkey and the little glass votive holder turkey. At least I think it's a votive holder, not sure, but I'll be using it for a toothpick holder.

I was thinking about using the muffin tin for something crafty, but that's the kind I really like to bake with, so it's going in the cupboard with my cake pans.

The fabric in the background is about 3 yds. I was thinking I'd use it to reupholster some kitchen chairs that have white vinyl on them. After I looked at it in my kitchen I'm not sure. It's got more black in it than I really want in the kitchen, but the man likes it.