Saturday, January 28, 2012

Retro Saturday

Ok, I had a bright idea. Since I'm into many things retro, I decided to try doing Saturday posts about retro things. I have to admit this was inspired by the house I cleaned this morning. It's a ranch style, built in the 60's and these people never throw anything away. Their house is a treasure trove of old stuff, including the pantry that I was helping update this morning.
This came from the pantry. Unopened, in perfectly good condition, but I can't imagine how rancid the walnuts must be. It was sent home with me to add the walnuts to my compost pile. But, now I can't bear to open such a perfect old can. I think I'll add it to my shelf of curiousities.
I remember when I was a kid, it was a big deal when Mom bought one of these cans of walnuts because it meant we were going to get something really yummy to eat. They were pretty spendy though, and it was rare that she bought them. What fun though when she did, for it meant one of us kids would get to use the nut chopper as well. I wonder if she's still got that old nut chopper? It was white with an aqua pattern on it. It would fit perfectly into my kitchen now. Oh mo-o-o-om........

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